ULTRACART Ecommerce Partners


Gate2Shop now provides payment processing through UltraCart for increased ability to reach your customers internationally.

Since Gate2Shop offers safe, simple, and secure platform for processing your payments. UltraCart offers an industry best PCI Level 1 Certification. Add the two platforms together and what you get is a great fit for your business.

Gate2Shop knows that your customers continue to increase their expectations of your online business. So in order to help you G2S offers the ability to accept 80+ local and worldwide payment methods such as; bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and much more!

There is a seamless customer experience when using Gate2Shop and UltraCart. We want your savvy customers to have the best experience possible so your have the most return customers possible.

Great benefits for using the G2S system are:

  • Integration is simple and quick
  • Over 80 worldwide payment options
  • Seamless reporting of data available online
  • Multiple Currency choices and multilingual support teams
  • Account Manager assigned to your system available via phone
  • State of the art security systems to prevent fraud

Please call to today to find out great rates starting as low as; 2.5% plus 0.25 EUR transaction fee.

Phone in United Kingdom: +44 20 3051 0330