Dwolla is a new payment method that allows your customers to pay using their checking account. Unlike many other payment methods, Dwolla does not charge a percentage of the transaction as a fee. Instead, they offer payments of any amount for a flat $0.25 fee. Even better, for payments under $10.00, there is no fee whatsoever.

Stop losing money to credit card fees
No percentages. No hidden fees. Just 25 cents per transaction or free for transactions $10 and under.

Increase profits
With the lowest fees in the nation, accepting Dwolla will instantly boost your bottom line.

Use it anywhere
Accept Dwolla online or in your brick and mortar business

Safer than credit cards
Dwolla transactions are safe, compliant and less of a liability for both consumers and merchants.

Dwolla interview with Brian Kil


Brian thanks for taking the time to talk to us today about this new payment option for Ultracart merchants.

1. Dwolla is an interesting new payment method for UltraCart, can you give us a quick recap on what Dwolla is?

Dwolla is a payment network that allows anything connected to the internet to move money quickly, safely, and at a cost as low as possible.

2. With Dwolla we now have 123 different payment options for our merchants to use. When our merchants are choosing payment processors why should they use Dwolla?

Great to be #123! Dwolla only has one fee: only a flat $0.25 for transactions over $10, and everything else is free of charge. With this simple, low-cost pricing structure, Dwolla has an obvious cost-savings advantage for merchants looking to cut down on high credit card transaction fees.

3. So there is a financial benefit to using Dwolla over any other payment type, how can our merchants quickly find out how much they could save if people started using your service instead of their current service.

With the simple, low-cost fee structure stated above, there is no doubt that merchants will be saving money by cutting out the high cost of credit card fees. They can easily compare Dwolla's fees with other payment services with the Payments Fees Calculator. For a quick example, it would only cost you $0.25 to accept a payment of $1,000; but it would cost you $29.30 to accept that payment via a traditional credit card payment (2.9% + $.30 a transaction).

4. Is Dwolla a bank?

Dwolla is not a bank. We are the software that facilitates bank-funded transactions; we partner with banks.

5. Dwolla is a relatively new payment option for merchants and that makes people nervous about security. What can you tell us about Dwolla’s security protocols.

Dwolla never transmits your personal financial information with your transaction, limiting the threat of identity fraud. Dwolla has a full-time team dedicated to risk assessment and fraud prevention. Dwolla's website is regularly tested and certified by McAfee Security Scan, and our servers are encrypted with 128-bit encryption through Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and/or Transport Layer Security (TLS). You can read more about our security and safety measures here: https://www.dwolla.com/security.

6. What if merchants want to be able to try your service alongside the one that they are currently using?

We welcome merchants that are interested in accepting Dwolla to use it alongside any of their carts they are currently using.

6. What if merchants want to be able to try your service alongside the one that they are currently using?

Avail yourself of the customer service at UltraCart and let them help you. Try to use all the tools that are available to you to make your shopping cart easier for your customers. They have so many features that you would never think of to help you sell online so spending time going through their system is very valuable.

7. What if merchants want to be able to try your service alongside the one that they are currently using?

Lucky for them, signing up for a Dwolla account is free!

8. Do you have a referral program for Dwolla users?

Currently, if you refer a user to Dwolla, both you and your referral will receive $10 in transaction fee credits. This means that each referral earns you 40 transactions in which we'll cover the 25 cent fee! Accept that $1,000 payment without having a cent (or a quarter) taken out for a transaction fee. (Get your referral link here)

Thanks again for your time today Brian we at UltraCart look forward to a long and prosperous future together!