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About TurnKey Direct

If you are interested in marketing your products to the world in the most cost-effective way possible while realizing the maximum ROI then you need to begin a conversation with the professionals at Turnkey Direct. If you have the nicest looking Porsche dealership in the world but it is 100 miles out in the Sahara desert, you're going to have a hard time selling your cars. Likewise the best website and UltraCart shopping cart in the world aren't going to net you any customers unless you can get them in the door, buying your product, and delivering to them in the best ways possible.

This is where Turnkey Direct shines, putting all the pieces together to get the best ‘bang for your buck'. As a valued customer you deserve the best that Turnkey has to offer in terms of a solution to give your business flexible, knowledgeable, and effective expertise.

Turnkey Direct offers the best fulfillment services in the business, but so much more. They also offer;

  • Printing
  • Direct Mail
  • Cross Media Marketing
  • Custom Packaging
  • Copywriting, Graphic Design, Branding
  • Promotional Items
  • Campaign Testing
  • Data Analysis

Each of these areas when taken separately constitutes little businesses to themselves, however by consolidating them all under one roof you are giving yourself:

1. One point of contact for any communication needed

2. A cohesive plan that covers all your bases and integrates each aspect seamlessly One bil

l 3. A partnership that grows with your business in many aspects

Turnkey Direct has the solution that your company is looking for and we have it today. You can search for all the pieces of this great puzzle individually, or you can come under one roof where we help you put the pieces together the right way from the beginning.

Use Turnkey Direct and UltraCart to move your business from forward to light speed!

Contact Trunkey Direct

Turnkey Direct, Inc.

265 W. Central Ave.

Murray, Utah 84107

Phone: 801-265-2300

Fax: 201-265-2301