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About TAGG Logictics

One of the most important and most often overlooked aspects of new and on-going business is the cost of running your shipping department. Whether you are currently outsourcing to a fulfillment company, considering outsourcing, or running it internally, you need to know your options.

TAGG Logistics excels at getting your products to your customer quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Your business does not survive by excelling at shipping, ours does. We only make money when we properly handle shipping for our partners. Your business makes money by providing products to customers. When you improve your product you can increase your business, we are the same. By constantly improving our fulfillment business we continue to provide better and better service to our customers, so we grow and make more money. It's we do, it's what we love, we're good at it. You can let us do what we love, while doing what you love, and it will all work out for both of us!

TAGG continues to push the boundaries of fulfillment services by offering a complete range of services including:

E-commerce order fulfillment services
Order processing
Same day shipping
Catalog order fulfillment
Product RMA & Reverse logistics

TAGG Logistics Service Offerings

Order Fulfillment
Distribution Services
Contract Packaging, Kitting and Assembly

TAGG Triple Guarantee

There is not another fulfillment company we know of that has the TAGG Triple Guarantee! We will put our money and our reputation on the line for you! If after 60 days of using TAGG Logistics services you are not satisfied, then we promise to:

1. Refund your money
2. Help you find another solution
3. Pay to move your inventory there

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Website: http://www.tagglogistics.com