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ProLog Logistics

About ProLog Logistics

Since its inception in 1996, ProLog Logistics has remained focused on delivering high-quality and cost-effective operational out-sourcing solutions. Utilizing two state-of-the-art distribution facilities, coupled with a centralized call center, ProLog is ideally positioned to meet the operational needs of its clients.

Providing the highest quality out-sourced solutions to companies throughout the world

  • Order fulfillment and warehousing
  • E-commerce integration and support
  • Call center and customer care
  • Telephone sales and campaign execution
  • Inventory and purchasing management

Order Fulfillment and Warehousing

With distribution centers strategically located in Lexington, Kentucky and San Diego, California ProLog can cost-effectively distribute products throughout the United States while simultaneously minimizing time-in-transit.

In addition, ProLog clients using Ultracart  can seamlessly transmit order data directly to the ProLog warehousing and fulfillment system (ProWares). Once Client orders are received at a ProLog distribution center, orders are picked, checked, packed and shipped utilizing a variety of automated technologies including radio frequency hand-held computers and computer-driven material handling carousels.  Completed order data can be pushed back to Ultracart, or it can be accessed via the on-line ProWares client portal.

Call Center and Customer Care

ProLog specializes in providing out-sourced call center services to clients seeking a quality-focused, turn-key customer care solution utilizing U.S. based personnel. ProLog's trained staff and support systems, including a web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, combine to offer clients a highly customized customer care experience. Utilizing phone, e-mail, fax response, and on-line chat tools, ProLog can deliver the superior customer care sought by its clients.

Contact Us

ProLog Logistics, Inc.
7345 Mission Gorge Road
Suite E
San Diego, CA 92120

Phone: 1-866-977-6564

Website: ProLog Logistics