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About Order Motion

OrderMotion is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that serves both Direct Response and Ecommerce industries. Utilizing their unique web-based technology Order Motion helps their clients to integrate with media agencies, payment processors, fulfillment warehouses, call centers, and customer service centers. Administering a neutral hub for data consolidation which shows in real-time allows clients to track customer behavior and analyze their purchases thus providing efficient and fast and revenue generating strategies. Having achieved a PCI-Level-One Certification puts Order Motion in the top security spot in their industry, there is no higher certification from Visa/Mastercard, prompting much better security and business systems for both multi-pay and recurring billing orders. Since UltraCart.com is also PCI Level 1 Compliant, your order system stays secure from front to back.

By identifying sales and marketing schemes that are happening with their merchants who are in the trenches doing the work, OM gives them the freedom to focus on making major capital acquisition strategies. OM's technologies can handle the synergies of inventory, orders, dropshipping, multipay, recurring and A/B testing to provide extensible systems. OrderMotion then integrates with their many partners to accumulate data on-the-fly from UltraCart's Shopping Cart, and other customer viewable systems along with "backend solutions" like customer service centers, call centers, websites, payment processors, media agencies, and fulfillment and distribution centers.

When you need to buy electronic media (TV, Radio, and Web), generate efficient e-mail responder campaigns, and integrate with various vendors continue to look at Order Motion. Together, this triumvirate gives savvy marketers the opportunity to leverage real-time data from the various sources into a cohesive and understandable report.

Want to know what your campaigns are doing? Then setup Media Motion which can help you realize your campaign's true Media Efficiency Ratio (MER). Once you adjust your (MER) for Online orders, Declines, RMA, cancellations and recurring orders you can understand how to generate better profits with what you have going already. Adding the internal CRM further allows you to increase your customer's long-term value.

Together Order Motion and UltraCart Shopping Cart can take your business to a whole n'other level!