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Mountain Valley Teleservices

About Mountain Valley Services

Covering the peaks and valleys of direct marketing is in our name; we offer integrated solutions. In our industry many people sell, many ship, and many provide services, we do all three. We sell, ship, and serve - everything needed for your product to get to market – that way you can capitalize bringing more products to your customers. Using UltraCart to process all your online orders and MVS to handle all your fulfillment needs puts you in a position to accept that growth.

Since we take our commitment to you beyond other companies, you become not just a client but a partner. Our collaborative work ensures your success no matter your industry. By using direct communication we provide the best process for your products. We appreciate honest and open communication so that your feedback continually helps us to refine and refocus our business to serve you better. Taking each day and increasing our ability to server you is the best way for our partnership to grow together.

We cater to clients in all industries in all markets with over 70 years combined experience in warehousing, fulfillment, order processing, EDI, and traffic routing. Our competent staff possess the skills and tools to achieve any need and overcome any challenge with quick, seamless, and cost effective solutions.

We pride ourselves on speed and efficiency. Our state of the art warehouse system and operating procedures maximize throughput and get orders to your customers quickly and accurately. And since we have relationships with all the shipping companies we can offer very competitive shipping rates.


Customer service is the backbone of our company as we know we are only as good as our service to our customers. Your service to your customers is equally as important and closing the deal is never the end of the deal, but rather just the beginning. This can be the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship with your customer. After all a happy customer is a return customer. Everyone knows that more cost effective to keep customer than trying to bring in new ones. We make the most of every opportunity to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

And the prospective buyers that didn't make a purchase……they're still great leads for the future. Taking advantage of the opportunity to remind them of your products is something that will help them make a buying decision in the future!

Use UltraCart and MVS to help insure your customers have a great experience and come back for more.