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 An efficient supply chain will give your business a competitive edge. Kamino has
years of experience in designing and managing logistics solutions worldwide.

You can utilize Kamino to manage your shipments and products from the point of
manufacture through to the end user. Our logistics services combined with 24/7
online visibility throughout the chain ensures that your products are delivered safely,
in the correct quantity and on time with 100% customer satisfaction.


Our Warehousing and Distribution service supports our customer's inbound and
outbound logistics requirements with a focus on efficiencies in inventory management,
reducing operating costs and improved cycle times.

Our facilities offer integrated supply chain solutions to meet the most challenging
service parameters. Our warehousing services include:

» National and Regional Distribution Centers
» Shared-user and stand-alone operations available
» Bonded areas
» Barcode & RF stock locations
» Cross-docking services
» Online warehouse management systems (OWMS)
» Design, implementation and project management

 Fulfilment & Value-Added Services

We help companies of all sizes to optimize their supply chain with improvements
in the following areas:

» Customer service levels
» Stock accuracy
» Lead times
» Redundant stock cost
» Productivity
» Lowering costs to markets
» Responsiveness to strategic needs
» Increase profits and shareholder value

We can offer the following value-added services in each of our facilities:

» Pick-Pack programs
» Reverse Logistics
» Repair/Refurb
» Sales order processing (web, telephone, fax and email) and invoicing
» Cross-docking and Consolidation programs
» Customs Services
» Quality Control/ Product Testing
» Vendor management
» Fiscal representation in Europe for USA based companies

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