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Kable Fulfillment

About Kable Fulfillment

Kable is one of the largest magazine and periodical circulators in the world. Eleven unique, yet interrelated services comprise our selection of circulation and marketing services for the publishing and direct response industries. Kable fulfillment through UltraCart hosted shopping cart brings our world-class service to your door.

Our operations and data center is located in Mt. Morris, Illinois, with executive offices in New York City. Additional offices are located in Cerritos, California, Fairfield, Ohio; Horsham, United Kingdom; Louisville, Colorado, and Palm Coast, Florida.

Kable Fulfillment Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Kable Media Services, Inc., provides magazine subscription services, as well as product and merchandise fulfillment for publishers and direct marketers.

Kable Distribution Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Kable Media Services, Inc., is one of the nation's leading full service international distributors. Backed by more than 75 years of experience in building single copy sales, KDS distributes periodicals in every reading category – from comic books to news journals, representing over 600 publications.

Contact Kable Fulfillment

New York, NY: (212) 705-4600

Mount Morris, IL: (815) 734-4151

Cerritos, CA: (562) 802-3344

Fairfield, OH: (513) 671-2800

Louisville, Colorado (303) 666-7000

Palm Coast, FL (386) 445-4662

The dynamic combination of one of the largest fulfillment services companies and UltraCart's hosted shopping cart give you peace of mind and comprehensive service for your publishing and fulfillment needs.