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IntegraCore is a complete turnkey supply chain management company. Their distribution centers offer fulfillment warehousing services that take the difficulty out of getting your product to market. IntegraCore and UltraCart make a potent team to bring your products to your customer quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Take a few minutes to contact us and see how IntegraCore will save you time and money all while giving you the peace of mind that your distribution and fulfillment warehousing needs are taken care of.

Fulfillment Warehousing

IntegraCore is the premier provider of fulfillment warehousing that supports multiple industries. Our outsource fulfillment warehouse services provide all of our clients with exceptional cost reductions and improvements in all critical operations initiatives. By outsourcing your fulfillment warehouse needs with IntegraCore your company will see a significant operations cost reduction by as much as 60%.


With over 20 years experience in the fulfillment warehousing industry IntegraCore will bring instant supply chain expertise to your company's growing needs just like we have done for all of our clients. UltraCart clients have benefitted from decreasing lost items and increasing shipping times.


IntegraCore offers a 100% scalable fulfillment warehousing solution. Warehouses are located in Salt Lake City, Utah and Atlanta, Georgia so we are able to provide some of the lowest shipping and freight rates in the industry. While your company's needs grow IntegraCore is growing with you and able to scale as you grow. IntegraCore offers fulfillment warehousing and a complete turn-key supply chain management solution. Integracore can completely manage your logistics process from procurement and assembly through packaging and distribution to the end user.

Distribution Center

Distribution centers are a critical component to the success of any product shipping business. IntegraCore removes the stress and complexity of packaging and negotiating how to get your products to market. We currently operate four distributions centers in the MidWest and South.

Outsource Distribution Center Services

• Turn-key Supply Chain Management
• Third Party Logistics
• Procurement
• Kitting & Assembly
• Pick, Pack, Ship
• Warehousing
• Fulfillment
• Freight Services
• Distribution

IntegraCore is a one stop shop for all of your distribution center needs. By outsourcing your distribution center to IntegraCore your company will be able to completely focus your efforts on growing your business. Our online real time distribution center reporting will give you true peace of mind.

IntegraCore and UltraCart a potent team for your online business!