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About FulfillPlus

We offer a wide range of Fulfillment, Warehousing, Order processing, and Shipping services tailored to meet your exact marketing needs.  We are a single source supplier for all services related to delivering your products to your clients in a timely and cost efficient manner.



Our goal is to be seamless part of your order receipt and shipping process.  We will work with you to develop a standardized process that either fits within your existing IT parameters or as a self-contained operation.

Our services include:

  • Defining part numbers for all parts, sub-kits, and finished products
  • Documenting procedures and definitions for all sub-assemblies
  • Allocating inventory space and bin locations
  • Defining & setting up communication needs and procedures (EDI, FTP).
  • Receiving and processing new orders, re-orders, returns, and backorders
  • Kitting & Assembly and insertion
  • Preparing shipping documentation (domestic and international)
  • Arranging shipping of product to final destination, tracking packages to final destination.  Providing Proof of Delivery.
  • Inventory management (updating and reporting)
  • Month end accounting and reporting statement

 Contact Us

 5670 Guhn Road * Houston, Texas * 77040
Phone:  Toll Free: 877-876-5740 * Fax: 713-861-0799
Local or outside United States:  713-861-0427