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About Fulfillment Concepts

Fulfillment Concepts provides the highest quality shipping solutions to companies all over the world and especially to ones just like yours. Using UltraCart's robust shopping cart engine, Fulfillment Concepts seamlessly accepts orders taken from your UltraCart shopping cart directly into the Warehouse Management System.

Since we understand that outsourcing is more than just answering customer calls and/or shipping products, we understand how to bring the solutions you need. We start by caring about your unique requirements and listening to your needs. Once we learn about your business, solving the problems that bring you pain becomes easier. We are the partner that wants to get you away from extraneous decision making and back to focusing on your growth. However we are more than just providing an excellent suite of services, FCi as your new strategic partner, offers new ways to handle your issues and forge ahead with renewed focus on your business plans. FCi gives you the confidence you need to move forward while your day-to-day systems are handled by seasoned professionals. Professionals who sweat the small stuff just as much as you do. Our Distribution Centers and Marketing Programs increase speed, allow unique customization, and bring cohesive on-demand reporting to support you. You produce it and sell it.....we'll do the rest!

What we do:

For over twenty years, FCi has consistently evolved and expanded our range of fulfillment services to meet and exceed our customer's requirements. This means that your needs form the basis of our core scope of offerings.

How we do it:

We become a true partner with you believing that only in your success will we succeed. This helps us to spend resources to constantly strategize and generate new ideas, technologies and systems to maximize not only your growth, but more importantly, your profitability.

The benefits to you:

You gain both a fulfillment resource for your shipping needs and a proactive marketing and technology team as well. We become your savvy new department that can help implement creative new methods to take care of your customer base, to meet your long-term goals.

Literature Fulfillment Services:

  • Online order entry
  • Integration tools available to relay orders from an existing website
  • Online access to inventory information
  • Complete reporting capabilities
  • Electronic receiving, order and shipping confirmations
  • Orders shipped same day or within 24 hours
  • Kit assembly
  • 99.9% on-time and error-free accuracy rate

How we do it:

Exceptional versatility and responsiveness have been hallmarks of FCi full service fulfillment programs for over twenty years. Our experience spans from creating highly sophisticated programs for Fortune 500 companies to customized programs for medium to small-sized companies in multiple categories. The benefits for you:

FCI has the resources, experience and flexibility to get your corporate communications in the hands of your network faster and more efficiently, enabling you to focus on your core business.

FCI and UltraCart.com put together the network to make your business work, so you can work on your business network.

Contact Information

Fulfillment Concepts
2200 Ampere Drive
Louisville, KY 40299


Sales: (502) 266-5555