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About BorderJump

BorderJump's innovative cross border platform brings the world to your retail web site. We combine state-of-the-art software with an advanced shipping and logistics network that is built to deliver not only packages but also the kind of customer experience your customers expect. Whether you want to sell globally or focus your sales effort on a specific country or region, BorderJump has the solution to support your strategy.

When selling internationally with BorderJump, the customer experience is always on your website. There are no redirects, Flashâ„¢ overlays or additional steps that can derail cart conversions. Buyers do not need a special shipping address, nor are they required to sign up for any additional service or complete a USPS 1583 to receive their orders. Instead, they shop, pay the guaranteed full landed cost in their local currency and receive their purchases in a matter of days. Since BorderJump processes the international payments, full disclosure of BorderJump's status as merchant of record must occur on the checkout page but otherwise, we remain invisible during the shopping experience. After the sale, BorderJump will provide customer service related to payments and shipping while you field product-specific questions, authorize returns and continue to build the relationship with your new international customers.

Our process takes full advantage of strategically located U.S. consolidation hubs, local delivery infrastructure and full visibility track & trace to deliver outstanding service to your customers. Orders are shipped from your distribution center to our Newark or Miami hubs where we prepare the export documentation and consolidate all packages by final destination. Order tracking is visible to customers immediately upon notification of your domestic courier's inbound tracking number. This number travels with the package all the way to final delivery.

International shipments are handled by a network of reliable carriers that have committed to meeting our SLA including covering the last mile and obtaining proof of delivery. BorderJump also provides complete reverse logistics including duty draw back on returns where possible. As part of our logistics service, BorderJump performs address verification and confirms export compliance on all orders. Recipients are screened against numerous restricted parties lists and we constantly monitor product-level information to ensure that restricted and dual-use items are excluded from your global offerings. At your discretion, BorderJump can also exclude items that are restricted by distribution agreements with your suppliers.

Integration with BorderJump takes 45-60 days depending upon the state of your product catalog and your e-commerce platform. The BorderJump system is API-driven, which means that it can be configured exactly as you require. The process begins with catalog analysis and harmonization to assign tariff codes to every SKU and also to identify any items that may be restricted for export or import. At the same time, our integration specialists will work with your team to guide you through configuring the calls that will enable all of the duty and tax calculation, shipping, export compliance and payment features.

BoarderJump takes the pain out of shipping international and UltraCart takes the pain out of ecommerce.