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Three Source

About Three Source Fulfillment

The newest fulfillment provider to integrate with UltraCart, threesource.tv comes to Ultracart with a lot of experience not only in fulfillment but in many other services.

Here's what they have to say:

When it comes to service, ThreeSource delivers the complete package. We understand that the success of our customers depends on the ongoing satisfaction of theirs. ThreeSource is focused on helping our clients make the most of each order and every customer relationship. Now that's fulfillment!

Our clients focus on the Sales and Marketing end of the business and market their products via direct mail pieces, infomercials, radio spots and the Internet. ThreeSource provides the "bricks and mortar" to warehouse the product, receive and process the order, process payments, ship the product out, handle any customer service or returns issues and provide detailed reporting back to the client. This is what is known as back-end operations.


When product is received into our warehouse, it is done under the supervision of a manager. Product is inspected and the count verified to ensure that good product and sufficient product is available when needed. ThreeSource places emphasis on security. Whether it is the warehouse or our computer systems, ThreeSource's security is second to none. Bulk storage of product is done on pallets and is charged on a per pallet per month basis. ThreeSource invoices on a bi-weekly basis so that our clients are not charged for product that is there at the beginning of the month but not there at the middle of the month. Additionally, we consolidate pallets when possible as opposed to letting them sit until product is exhausted.

There is no getting around it, true pick and pack is labor intensive. When processing an order, ThreeSource has automated in the areas where it makes sense and has instituted checks and balances where the human element comes into play. For any Direct Response campaign, ThreeSource will handle continuity, installment, literature and premiums.

Per ThreeSource's Best Way Program, we will ship the fastest, least expensive way. We ship LTL, White Glove, UPS, Fed Ex and a variety of USPS ship methods at presort discounts. When mailing UPS, Fed Ex or Priority Mail, ThreeSource's central location lends itself to lower shipping costs as opposed to shipping from either coast because of zone rating. Bulk and Non-identical bulk is Plant Load which is done with USPS on site verification. ThreeSource has a solid relationship with the USPS and were recipients of an Idea Forum Award at the Fall 2001 National Postal Forum.

Returns and exchanges impact your bottom line. ThreeSource is well aware of this fact and we work with our clients to minimize this expense through order recovery programs. When returns and exchanges do come in, ThreeSource when applicable, will attempt to refurbish when possible at the client's request.

For clients that want to respond to inquiries, send bounce back pieces or do direct mailing, ThreeSource provides Lettershop services to include folding, sorting, inserting and inkjetting. We want to be your one stop third party fulfillment resource.

ThreeSource's philosophy is that in order to live up to our full potential in this e-commerce era, we must put flexibility and responsiveness as operational priorities. We do not let clients pass us up by not making the commitment to meet reasonable requests. Give us a try and experience the ThreeSource Difference for yourself.

Using UltraCart and ThreeSource together is a potent combination!