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About Teleperformance

Teleperformance, the industry's best provider of outstanding customer support and sales at every turn, serves companies from all four corners of the globe, providing excellent results in managing their customer care, technical support and credit collection operations. With 2011 revenue exceeding US2.95 billion, Teleperformance Group has the strength to achieve your results, period.

Strategically places throughout the world The Group runs 250 contact centers in 49 countries with more on the way. There are over 135,000 employees operating 98,000 computerized workstations, speaking 66 different languages and dialects to make sure you are not missing any people group that needs your products.

Teleperformance knows that having a contact center is only step 1 into helping your business service your customers and sell your products. Since converting prospects into loyal customers is the mission of our customer acquisition agents, TP takes the time to train all ground-level sales force agents to make your products stand out. When you want to make sure that you optimize revenues, Teleperformance is your partner of choice.

Teleperformance - helps your customers understand the value proposition of your products.

It's one thing to try to sell someone on a product, it's quite another to have a solution that maximizing return on investment by expounding on all the benefits of your product. Your businesses will be positioned with agents that will not only contact, but also connect with every customer, and that's Teleperformance's specialty. We already possess the skill and and the know-how to turn first contact opportunities into first sales. From there its up to you whether we continue to service your customers through follow-up, surveys, etc. Whether inbound or outbound calls, fielding questions, explaining benefits and making a convincing case to lead your consumers to say "yes", Teleperformance will gain your trust and continued business .

Teleperformance Offers B2C* and B2B** Services:

  • Lead Generation and Appointment Scheduling;
  • Data Verification Services;
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling;
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty Management;
  • Win-Back Programs and Surveys;
  • Collections and Accounts Receivable Management.

Teleperformance Communication Methods:

  • Fixed Line or Mobile Telephones;
  • SMS (Short Message Service) or the Web;
  • Fax or Email;
  • Written Correspondence;
  • Social Media Sites.

Teleperformance sales team focuses on the goal - to turn prospects into customers.

When you need to grow fast and your company needs a call center that already has proven itself in the marketplace millions of times per day, Teleperformance just makes sense. A quick overview of our sales system will show how our agents can improve company profitability, increase market share and business intelligence and maximize contact with potential and existing customers. All work together to better understand your demographics and their behaviors. Taking it one step further with up-selling and cross-selling makes every sale a higher value.

Teleperformance outsourced, but in-house.

At Teleperformance, our sales experience crosses borders, languages and cultures the world over. So though you are partnering with an external company, we consider ourselves your in-house contact center experts. Whether your prospective clients are local or global, Teleperformance is the one to reach them and help you improve your revenues.


*B2C - Business to Consumer
**B2B - Business to Business