Every once in a while we discover a company that is doing something no one else is doing. 9 times out of 10 they disappear in a few years, but sometimes that company fuels the start of an industry.

Enter BuySafe…..we have watched this company add more and more merchants since we have been partnered with them and for good reason. BuySafe increases conversion rates in our merchant's stores. There is a reason a good percentage of our top 100 grossing stores use them.

How do they do it?
By making sure that any customer is given the option to purchase a 3% bond of the transaction.

What is a bonded transaction?
A bonded transaction simply means that BuySAFE and thYour customers can pay only 3% of the transaction, but have it bonded by BuySafe for which they feel secure knowing that if the transaction fails for any reason they have recourse. You get the knowledge that your customer has a choice during the checkout if they are feeling insecure about moving forward, and as a bonus for you using them, BuySafe transfers back to you 20% of the bonded amount.

How does it work?
Through Buy Safe's unique partnership with Travelers, Liberty Mutual and ACE USA, they are able to back transactions and earn customer's trust. A customer who may be on the fence about purchasing from a shopping cart can accept the BuySAFE bond and know that no matter what if that company fails to deliver as promised BuySAFE will work with them to make them whole. There is a significant value in giving a customer the ability to take charge of their fear by simply purchasing a 3% bond, and that power translates into more sales.

BuySafe Bonded Merchants Enjoy:

  • 5-15% increases in website conversion-
    - 6.8% higher on average

  • Increased profitability
    - net profits normally increase by over 20%

  • A major competitive advantage
    - buySAFE is exclusive, only the best can qualify to be bonded

  • buySAFE now sends you more buyers!
    - buySAFE's Seal highlights your search results displayed by our search partners

    - buySAFE's advertising & public relations programs send buyers to your website

Buyer Confidence (or lack of) costs online merchants millions of dollars in lost sales and profits every day.

BuySafe Bonded Seal of Confidence

The buySAFE Bonded Merchant Seal and Bond is PROVEN to convert 6.8% more of the visitors to your website into buyers. Turning your shoppers into buyers.

50% of Online Users Still Don't Buy Online

Why? Mostly because of trust & security concerns. It stems from the inherent uncertainty associated with making an online purchase. Simply put ? they just don't feel comfortable buying on the Internet.

What this means:There's a huge untapped market of Internet users who need additional assurances before they'll buy.

Nervous Buyers Require Price Discounts

When online shoppers feel uncertain, they will either leave your site or buy from you only if your prices are deeply discounted.

What this means:For many merchants, these price discounts are as large as 5-25% of the price the buyer would pay if they had felt more confident.

How it Works

buySAFE makes shoppers feel completely safe & confident.

Why? Everyone wants to avoid problems before they happen. buySAFE assures them that everything will go as expected. So, bonding = total peace of mind.

Today, thousands of online merchants use buySAFE to inspect their website operations, monitor their performance daily and bond their buyers' purchases, up to $25,000.

1. Merchant Inspection & Daily Monitoring

Once you pass the buySAFE Inspection process, you will be recognized as one of the best merchants on the internet.

2. buySAFE Seal and Bond on Your Website

As a Bonded Merchant you're enabled to prominently display the buySAFE Seal and Bond on your website.

3. buySAFE Seal in Buyer Search

The buySAFE Seal will automatically be displayed along with your search results, giving you a competitive advantage in search, driving more clicks and increased website conversion.

buySAFE Bonded Merchants receive a 5-15% increase in conversion and sales (6.8% on average) and typically a greater than 20% increase in profits.

Plans & Pricing

Bonding Plans

Pay as you go, no long-term contracts, no sign-up fee, no termination fee, cancel at any time, and A/B testing available.
Pick the plan that's best for you:

Buyers Choice Plan

Bonding is provided to buyers as an option at checkout.

  • Cost to Merchant: Free

  • Cost to Buyer: Buyers are given a choice to purchase a bond for additional confidence

  • Benefit: Up to 9% sales increase

Maximum Impact Plan

Convert the most shoppers by including a bond with every purchase.

  • Cost to Merchant: 1% of bonded sales

  • Cost to Buyer: Free

  • Benefit: Up to 15% sales increase