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buySAFE makes shoppers feel completely safe & confident.

Why? Everyone wants to avoid problems before they happen. buySAFE assures them that everything will go as expected. So, bonding = total peace of mind.

buySAFE provides internet merchants a bonding solution, which makes shoppers feel and be completely safe & confident.

Today, thousands of online merchants use buySAFE to inspect their website operations, monitor their performance daily and bond their buyers' purchases,
up to $25,000.


This inspection protects the value of being a bonded merchant by only allowing the best merchants to become bonded. The underwriting process involves completing an online application - like an online credit card application - that takes about 10 minutes.
Sell more than $5 million / year online? Please call us at 1-888-926-6333 for a personal underwriting process.
buySAFE monitors any disputes buyers report on your overall performance and helps you resolve those problems rapidly and efficiently, increasing your customer satisfaction. top
buySAFE's simple problem resolution process reduces chargebacks.

buySAFE Seal


The buySAFE Bonded Merchant Seal is displayed on every page of your website and provides your shoppers constant reassurance throughout the buying process. The Seal tells buyers you have chosen to partner with buySAFE to provide them ultimate peace of mind.

The buySAFE Bond, provided at checkout, gives buyers added confidence in knowing they can have their purchase bonded, up to $25,000, thereby making it virtually risk-free.

See samples of the seal to the right.


The buySAFE Seal will automatically be displayed along with your search results, giving you a competitive advantage in search, driving more clicks and increased website conversion.
  • buySAFE Search partners include PriceRunner, Auctions, Nabit & Auction Trust Network and the buySAFE Toolbar
  • buySAFE's advertising & public relations programs drive buyers to your website, further increasing your website sales.
  • buySAFE and our merchants are prominently featured in the media.
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Free inclusion of your inventory in, a shopping portal used by thousands to shop from only Bonded Merchants



What impact will buySAFE have on your website?
buySAFE Bonded Merchants receive a 5-15% increase in conversion and sales (6.8% on average) and typically a greater than 20% increase in profits.

Edit the white boxes with numbers for your business and calculate what buySAFE can do for you.

buySAFE can have a BIG impact on your business

With most merchants applying and installing buySAFE in under an hour, there is no reason you can't have buySAFE on your site today.



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