The financial industry moves fast&.. Check21 and UltraCart move faster!

In the age of alternative payment solutions the ability to take payments without the fear of fraud and chargeback is paramount to your business. With Check21 you now have the ability to take "virtual checks" and process them quickly and safely. Better than ACH, check21 will propel your payments to a new level of security and speed.


Using the Virtual Check 21 System enables merchants to create a virtual check ("Print Demand Draft", "Check 21 Demand Draft") using their customer's bank account information. This virtual check is then verified, at the request of the merchant, against's three-tier check verification system.


Once verification has been completed provides the depository bank with the proper transaction information. The transaction information is sent within an X9.37 Check 21 file direct to the bank. The process is similar to that of the Remote Deposit Capture Check 21 System, only does not require a physical check to be presented and scanned by the merchant. That process is done internally on behalf of the merchant at facilities.

This process reduces the amount of returned items, chargeback's, and allows the merchant to receive his/her funds within the same business day depending on the relationship the merchant has with his/her bank.

Some of the benefits of using the patent pending Check 21 System are:

  • Same-day funds availability if transaction occurs before 6PM EST at a minimal surcharge.
  • Faster notification of returned items (1 business day vs. 7-10 days in paper form).
  • Lowers the amount of monthly chargeback's.
  • Direct Merchant-to-Bank transaction submissions. Funds are strictly controlled by the merchant and their participating bank.
  • Negative check database and funds verification of transactions both automated and manual.
  • Direct-to-Fed Line allows for the acceleration of check clearing.
  • Automated method to capture the dollar amount on the check and reduce entry time and errors.
  • Eliminates the need to stand in line at your local bank.
  • Ability to access and retrieve check data, images, and payment status 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The differences between ACH and Check 21 can have a significant impact on the way you do business. Compared to ACH, Check 21 is a far greater service and technology for business to business use or business to consumer use.

Check21 vs ACH

1. Payment to Merchant:
" ACH: Payment sent to merchant by ACH broker.
" Check 21: Payment sent direct to merchant by clients bank sameday with no middleman or broker receiving funds.

2. Payment to Electronic Check Provider:
" ACH: Service fees are removed by ACH Broker before any payment
to merchant is made.
" Check 21: Service fees are sent by merchant to Check 21, LLC

3. Eligible Transactions:
" ACH: Consumer Checks Only.
" Check 21: Business Checks, Personal Checks, Cashier Checks, and Money Orders.

4. Dispute Type:
" ACH: A consumer can dispute a transaction by phone.
" Check 21: A consumer must visit his local bank branch and fill out a dispute form or affidavit with his claim.

5. Dispute Window:
" ACH: Consumers have 60 days to dispute any transaction.
" Check 21: Consumers have only 40 days to dispute any transaction.
Speed, Safety, Security, the triumvirate of success, Check21!

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