What is Overstock.com?

In the Spring of 1999, Dr. Patrick Byrne recognized the potential of liquidating excess inventory through the Internet. While there will always be traditional shoppers walking through retail doors, a significant number of consumers also desire good quality merchandise, but abhor the mall experience. That is where Overstock.com comes in.

The Salt Lake City-based company brought the outlet mall to the consumer via the Internet, providing the same brand-name products found in traditional retail stores at deep discounts.

Integration Support

Using UltraCart's integration with Overstock.com will provide tremendous automation and save merchants a lot of time.

  • Inventory Templates

    Once your Overstock inventory templates have been created, you can upload them to UltraCart. UltraCart will then send them hourly to Overstock keeping your inventory up-to-date for you.

  • Order processing

    Once you are integrated and selling on overstock.com your orders will:

    • flow seamlessly into UltraCart
    • flow seamlessly to your fullfilment house
    • shipping & inventory will be updatd in your UltraCart account
    • UltraCart will send Overstock shipping confirmations and inventory updates

Contact Information

Overstock.com, Inc.
6350 S. 3000 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84121