The facebook Store on UltraCart

Whether you're a fan of the movie Social Network or not, you can't argue with the success of Founder Mark Zuckerberg. His Harvard progeny is now powering over 800 million active users. Although there has not been a facebook App that can sell within facebook as of this writing, we can give you a better option anyway.....Setup your Fan Page with your UltraCart Shopping Cart's own facebook Store.

The beauty of facebook is that everyone has the choice of who they want to friend, send messages to, chat with, Like, Poke, etc. and your business can take part in this glorious enterprise. As a business owner you are concerned with not only respecting the strict rules of facebook while advertising, but also gaining the benefit of being live on a platform with 800+ million users. You know that the more people that see your products the more people will buy your products. Taking this opportunity in stride you intelligently login to your UltraCart account, go to your Configuration page, and setup your facebook Store!

facebook store with ultracart

facebook Store FAQs:

Q: How do you sell on facebook?

A: The beauty of the UltraCart facebook App is that you're not actually selling on facebook, rather you're advertising your products in a store on facebook and allowing users to quickly get into your UltraCart powered shopping cart. As users find your Fan Page and decide they want to buy your products, they simply click on the 'Add To Cart' button and UltraCart sets up a shopping cart with the item(s) in it so they can quickly checkout, it's that simple!

Q: How hard is it to setup my facebook App?

A: Setting up your facebook app is a simple as following the docs here: Setup UltraCart facebook App here

Q: How does it work?

A: It works just like using your shopping cart with a website. When they click on the facebook app it's going to generate a shopping cart with the item they selected in it. They can then decide to continue shopping and get redirect back to your FaceBook page, or to move forward with the checkout.

Q: Can I have my Fans go directly to my facebook page?

A: Yes and……No. Since this is a facebook call and not an UltraCart call the answer is yes…….but with a stipulation provided by facebook; once you have reached 10,000 likes your Fan Page can exist by itself. Until you have reached 10,000 likes, it will remain a fan page inside your facebook account.

Q: Can I remove it if I don't like it?

A: Yes, the way you run your advertising is up to you, so if you no longer want to keep your facebook store up, just take it down.