ULTRACART Documentation

UltraCart Is One Shopping Cart Program That Plays Well With Your Favorite Web Page Editor

UltraCart makes it easy to add a shopping cart program to your existing website. We work with virtually every type of website editor including:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Microsoft Front Page

  • Microsoft Expression Studio Web Pro

  • NetObjects Fusion

  • CoffeeCup HTML Editor

  • SeaMonkey

  • Alleycode

  • Amaya

  • Evrsoft First Page



    Screen shot by J Kyrnin

    Shopping Cart Program Integration Without A Fuss

    The key to UltraCart's flexibility lies in the simplicity with which it can be installed. You need only edit the buy link that your customer will use to add a product to your shopping cart, and our program does the rest. In a way we are known for what you don't have to put up with that other shopping carts require, such as:

    • Manual connections to a shopping cart program's database from within your web page editor
    • External shopping cart setup from within your website for items such as checkout pages, payment gateway connection, shipping, tax, order execution, etc.
    • External creation and linking of checkout process forms
    • Having to specify the cart type, design, language, currency, discounts, tax rules and shipping from your web editor
    • The need to code changeable data sets in the shopping cart program section of your website to update information as your customers make changes in their choices (i.e. Spry XML Objects)

    UltraCart brings you the convenience of near of a near drag-and-drop turnkey ecommerce solution without having to custom code or look for awkward extensions to add to your website editing program. Take our 5 minutes to selling challenge, and you'll see how easy a shopping cart program can be.