ULTRACART Documentation

Ever wish you could offer your customer a coupon or special deal on the spot when they elected to abandon the cart without making a purchase?  Well, with UltraCart's new exit pop technology you can.

What is Exit Pop?

When properly configured, Exit Pop allows you to present a special offer to the customer if they attempt to leave the checkout process. This is a fantastic way to see if you can convince the customer to change their mind and make the purchase!   

How does it work?

When a customer exits the cart by closing the browser, A nicely lit boxed graphic will be displayed  along with a coupon that you proactively create that will automatically be added to their cart if and when they click "YES, I want to purchase".


You can easily configure an exit pop for each individual screen branding theme on your account. It's really a snap.  Support personnel, as usual, will be standing by to assist with the configuration if needed.