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The Tax Man Cometh, But Are Your Web Site Shopping Carts Ready?

Trying to comply with state, federal and local tax requirements isn't easy now, and with future regulations governing web site shopping, keeping your cart current may get even harder. But don't fret. UltraCart has tamed this regulatory monster for you with our in-depth taxable item management feature. It cuts to the heart of what is needed to keep you legal and your books straight without having to burn the midnight oil.

web sites shopping carts item tax setup

Web site shopping carts don't have to make you do all the work when it comes to figuring out taxes. UltraCart can create an ulimited level of tax computations to make the task easier.

Setting So Many Tax Rates Can Be, Well Taxing, But UltraCart's Web Site Shopping Cart Gives Six Geographic Levels And Many Options In Between

Whether you sell in state or around the world, UltraCart has the control you need for setting taxable and non-taxable items. Most web site shopping carts can give you some of this capability but can they give you all this?

  • Total geographic control from Country, To State/Province, County, City and then even postal zip code if necessary.
  • Calculation of the total tax automatically within your web site shopping cart - which you can control by setting tax levels starting at zero for those entities not taxing that particular item
  • Settings for whether you do or don't have to tax shipping and handling within the shopping cart
  • Some states observe "tax holidays" and UltraCart lets you comply with these by setting a calendar date range
  • Conformance with Quickbooks taxable item codes allowing direct import and also verification of the tax tables setup in this ubiquitous business accounting package
  • Tracking non-taxed "out of state" customers for taxable income reporting
  • Direct import of Sales Tax Clearinghouse feed file to allow you to automatically update your web site shopping cart with current sales tax rates including ZIP code, state, county, city names, and state, county, city sales and use tax rates (if you subscribe to the feed)