ULTRACART Documentation

Content Management

Sure, there are dozens if not hundreds of content management platforms available, but in most cases, they are designed to host a broad array of content, without any focus on the unique needs on online e-business.

The UltraCart Content Management System is different.  Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of online retailers, the platform provides features and innovations unique among content management platforms.

Search Engine Friendly

UltraCart engineers painstakingly crafted the Content Management System delivery platform to be indistinguishable from traditional "static" website content.  Your UltraCart hosted content contains no confusing question-mark addresses, no hard to link to codes,  and best of all, no "black-hat" search-engine manipulation that can get your site blacklisted.

As you continue to develop your site using the UltraCart Content Management System, you will be able to create search-engine rich internal links.  These internal links are automatically managed by UltraCart, and provide search engines (and your visitors!) helpful in-content navigation to other pages of interest.

Real-Time Inventory Integration

Nothing is more frustration to your potential customers than to find that a desired product or offering is out of stock or otherwise unavailable.  Additionally, if the customer arrived via an ad click, you have spent valuable dollars only to disappoint the visitor.  The UltraCart Content Management System can help eliminate all of these issues by allowing you to include real time inventory information on each and every product page on your website.  And even better, if you utilize the UCROI ad-management platform, UltraCart can even pause and resume your advertisements IN REAL TIME based on available inventory.  If you are out of stock on a product, UltraCart keeps you from spending your money to disappoint the visitor.

Rich Media Support

Your site is more than just text.  Your site may include video, high resolution images with custom viewers, custom photo gallerys, and more.  UltraCart removes the difficult and time-consuming tasks of preparing your multimedia content for online delivery.  No longer must you worry about compatible video files, streaming host configuration, etc.  Simply upload your video content, and UltraCart does the rest.  We process your video from virtually any format, convert & resize it, clean it up, and prepare it for easy streaming automatically.  Want to give your customers much more detailed images?  Simply upload your high-resolution photographs, and use the built-in magnification viewer to allow your customers previously unavailable closeups of your product.

Unique Site Look and Feel

If you are familar with other e-commerce platform's site design tools, you may notice that sites created by their merchants seem to appear cookie-cutter, having the same layout, colors, design, and navigation structures.  This is a result of the limited nature of the canned templates provided by the e-commerce platform.  With UltraCart's Content Management System, you are limited only by your imagination.  Your pages can be designed using any web site design tool you desire.  Finally, a platform that lets you express your true vision for your e-commerce site!

Dynamic Edit

Once your site has been created, your designer can include customized administrative panels that allow your non-technical staff to edit and add content directly from the website!  Simply by clicking the target content, authorized users can add content using a powerful WYSIWYG web editor, or for the more advanced users, by utilizing raw HTML code to completely customize the appearance of the content pages.  Best of all, changes are reflected in real time, and stored in your master UltraCart account instantly.  No more waiting for your site to upload or rebuild.

Server Side Testing

Ever wish you could test which product graphic or copy of test converts best? The UltraCart Content Management System is tightly integrated into UCROI's industry leading multi-variant testing platform.  No Javascript or advanced coding required, and UltraCart automatically insures that each visitor receiving tested content will have a consistent experience across your entire web property, no matter how many tests are running at once.

Shared Templating

You can carve up the design of your site into subtemplates that can be included.  So now you can intelligently segment out portions of a page so if you need to make a change you edit it in a single place and it instantly changes on the website.

Virtual FTP Access

The Content Management System can be access through your virtual FTP account.  You can use your favorite FTP client software, such as Filezilla or Dreamweaver, to upload static pages, graphics, etc. with ease.

Single Domain Hosting

If you host your site using the UltraCart Content Management System, and purchase a Custom SSL certificate, then you can configure 100% seamless integration between your site and checkout.  No host name changes, no confusion for your customers.

Automated Sitemaps

The UltraCart Content Management System produces up-to-date Google and Yahoo compatible sitemap files which help your dynamic catalog get quickly indexes and stay properly indexed in the search engine.

Search-Engine Optimized Redirects

You can configure 301 redirects so that if you move your site into the UltraCart Content Management System, the pages whose URLs changes can be properly redirected to the new URL via a 301 redirect without causing any damage to your search engine ranking.

Dynamic Item Assignment

Selectors allow you to have items assigned to a group based upon their attributes, manufacturer name, etc.  This allows you to configure items and have them automatically added to the catalog withour having to manually assign them.

Secure Wholesale Customer Sections

You can create sections of your site for wholesale customers.  If a customer tries to access this portion of your store they will be shown a login page.  Upon login, visitors who have the proper permissions will be able to see the wholesale page.  No security through obscurity or shared passwords.