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The Best Shopping Cart Is The One That Gives You Most Control Over Discounts

Discounts, promotions and coupons are often the best way to attract new customers, reactivate old customers and to increase completed sales during the checkout process. The best shopping cart in the world is one that allows you the most control over these since too much discounting hurts margins. UltraCart offers an unbelievable number of ways to apply discounts to ensure the correct method to support, not degrade, your business.

the best shopping cart offers many ways to discount

Merchants often struggle to choose the best shopping cart, but later realize that the control over discounts and promotion is lacking. UltraCart solves this problem by providing many approaches to apply discounts, promotions and varying pricing models including mixing and matching them among different product types to give your customers the incentives they need to make higher volume purchases.

The Best Shopping Cart Approaches To Discount Control Include Being Able To Set Discounts By Item, By Type Of Customer, By Point In The Sales Cycle, Or A Combination Of These

When deciding how to "incentivize" your customers, a balance must be struck between margin maintenance, purchasing volume and trying to nurture new or close out old products. These are often conflicting methods which even the best shopping carts cannot address. UltraCart has built in the flexibility to give you discount control in the following ways:

  • Establishment of pricing tiers which are adjustments to pricing by various categories of customers such as wholesales, resellers, affiliates, volume or recurring purchasers, etc- including establishing different types of discounts that can be applied such as default percentage discount, being tax exempt, allowing COD, free shipping, handling charge exemptions and more
  • "Mix and match" style discounting which allows customers who purchase out of different discount categories (that would not normally reach a discount threshold because not enough items in one discount category were purchased) to be able to combine their purchases to receive discounts
  • A large amount of quantity breaks for discounts can be established, a best practice in retailing allowing you to influence customers to go to the next nearest quantity to obtain more discounts, increasing the volume of the sale from your shoppping cart
  • If you are low on products, or have a really "hot seller" in your shopping cart, it may be best to actual put volume limitations on some items or some types of customers, which UltraCart allows you to do as well
  • All discounts are visible on checkout screen, making sure your customers realize the great deal you are providing them, and helping to lower shopping cart abandonment the best way you can, by increasing the value you bring!