ULTRACART Documentation


UltraROI (Return on Investment) is a set of highly advanced tools designed to help you optimize your pay-per-click campaigns, as well as help you optimize every part of your e-commerce platform through innovative multi-variant testing.

Pay-Per-Click Management

Using the UltraROI platform, you can gain previously unavailable transparency and insight into all of your pay-per-click advertising.


  • See Actual Search Terms Unlike most other products, you can see the actual words and phrases your customers are searching on to trigger a particular ad. This allows you to visually verify that search results are relevant.
  • N-Gram Analysis N-Gram Analysis allows you to see commonly-searched keyword sets and how they flow into your ad groups and campaigns. This allows you to further drill down into your customers search behavior, while removing irrelevant and redundant connecting words used in natural language search.
  • Ad Group Overlap Detection Which ad group is actually serving content for a given search term? In many cases, you may have more than one ad group servicing a set of keywords without even realizing it. This feature allows you to find places where you are matching much more expensive broad match results instead of more cost effective matching methods.

And even more advanced functionality is available to merchants utilizing the UltraCart catalog platform:

  • Edit ads directly from the admin panel
    Edit your advertisements from within UltraCart, using interfaces you are already familiar with
  • Inject price information into ads
    UltraCart can automatically include pricing information in your advertisements in real-time
  • Auto-collection of natural search result keywords
    Not sure how your customers are arriving to your site via natural search results? Catalog merchants using UltraROI can automatically collect the keyword search results that customers are using to find your site. This provides a tremendous amount of intelligence into your customer's behavior, expected and unexpected.
  • Pause / Resume ads based on inventory levels
    Why pay for clicks for product not in stock? Catalog merchants can choose to automatically pause ads for products when the item is out of stock, and automatically resume the relevant ads when inventory is replenished.

And UltraROI provides for the easiest installation of any analytics platform available. You don't need to configure funnels, goals, targets, destinations, or any other abstract settings. Simply include the code snippet in your pages and you're done.

Multi-Variant Testing

Even the smallest changes to your site can make a big impact in conversion rates. But how can you be sure a change (or set of changes) is making a positive impact?

The UltraROI Multi-Variant Testing system can allow you to create even the most complex testing scenarios with ease. Easy to use and install, you can create multi-step tests throughout the entire e-commerce process. From your static site, to catalog pages, and even through the checkout process, the MVT framework allows for the easy management of almost every possible test scenario.


  • Easy to install
    Like all other pieces of the UltraROI platform, installation of the MVT framework is quick and easy.
  • Self-Optimizing Tests
    Want to create tests, but don't have the time or manpower to manage or review them constantly? No sweat. UltraROI allows you to specify a traffic percentage split between tests, and over a specified time period, traffic will automatically be shifted to the best performing test in a Owner-take-all fashion
  • Multiple Simultaneous Tests
    You're not limited to just testing a single variable or change. You can create complex test scenarios against a wide variety of elements, and UltraROI will automatically manage the testing matrix to insure that each visitor will receive the same consistent test parameters per visit, regardless of what combination the test generated for the individual user.
  • Price Testing
    UltraCart Catalog merchants can even test pricing points throughout their entire e-commerce platform. No matter what price is delivered for a given test, the price will always remain the same for a particular visitor. Whether the price is delivered in a catalog page, search result, or shopping cart form, the customer will never be shown an inconsistent price result