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Supporting your Business

Ultracart Storefronts Support

Local Representatives

Whether you call into our Call Center in Georgia, Headquarters in Tennessee, or offices in California, your call will be met with knowledgeable representatives that can help you get the information you need quickly. We also know that if you are not able to understand your Customer Service Representative, no matter what answer they give you will not be the right one. All of UltraCart's account representatives speak English as their first language and reside in the United States. We pay a lot for our fantastic Support reps because we think you deserve it!

Supporting So You Can Grow

UltraCart believes that supporting our customers is the best way to make sure their business can continue growing uninterrupted. We spend a lot of time training our Call Representatives on everything in UltraCart, and that takes a lot of time as our platform grows every day!

Support Documentation

UltraCart Storefront Support Documentation

Since we have chosen to backup our Support Reps with our engineers we do not have 24 hour support, but what we do have is our docs platform that is available on a 24 hour basis. Its basically the online version of our reference manual and the most exhaustive reference guide for everything UltraCart.

Support Forums

UltraCart Storefront Support Forum

Another form of Support UltraCart engages in is support from your peers. UltraCart's peer-to-peer support forums are a great way to both give and get support about your UltraCart account. Its also one of the ways that UltraCart knows what features and tools need improving and which ones need to be created.

Technical Help

UltraCart Support Centers operate on Eastern Time which is the same time zone as our engineering team. The reason we planned it that way is your Support Reps are only as good as the team that stands behind them. If there is ever a bug or something that a Support Rep cannot answer, they are more likely to be able to find an engineer who can look into it for them during those hours. Certainly our engineers are busy, but they love working with UltraCart merchants!

Reliable Support Staff

UltraCart trains its support team 3 times a week which is more than any of our competitors. Our platform is only as good as the team that uses and supports it, so we make sure they are UltraCart ninjas.