ULTRACART Ecommerce Features

Setting Up Your Store is Quick & Easy

Add a Store to Your Site

If you're tired of customizing the look and feel of pre-packaged catalogs that run very slow, you've come to the right place. We can work with your existing site design/HTML and deliver a 100% custom solution.

Build it From the Ground Up

If you need a catalog/shopping cart combination, Ultracart offers the tools and experience to get you up and running.

Up & Running, Fast & Easy

We realize that everyone is faced with a snag or two from time to time. That is why UltraCart offers free phone support (even at the free trial level), staffed by employees with 5+ years of experience. So when you call us for support you can rest assured that your problem will be resolved quickly and professionally.

UltraCart brings you the convenience of near of a near drag-and-drop turnkey ecommerce solution without having to custom code or look for awkward extensions to add to your website editing program. Take our 5 minutes to selling challenge, and you'll see how easy a shopping cart program can be.

Automatic eCommerce Link Generation

Setting up some shopping carts can be difficult, even with tasks that should be simple like creating a "buy link" from your existing website to the shopping cart. Ultracart has a useful eCommerce solution for this with our automated buy link generator. It's a useful tool that allows you to input your eCommerce products list, save and then it creates the correct code for you to paste into the webpage link that lets your customers make their purchases. No complex coding, no chances for errors, just an eCommerce solution that let's you sell more easily.

No SSL Support Required on Merchants Server

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a necessary part of almost any online shopping cart, since it protects the user's sensitive financial information. You do want SSL since it is used by millions of consumers who are trained to look for that secure (https) part of the online shopping cart's URL and the familiar "padlock" on their browser. But creating a secure link between the user's browser and the online shopping cart through encryption can be a bit tricky to setup and support, plus a bit pricey. Ultracart's online shopping cart option allows you to forgoe the problems with setting up SSL on your own webserver and get back to selling your products and services.

Seamless Transition From Website to Shopping Cart

A simple review of shopping carts that are hosted can reveal a nasty problem: Changing look and feel when going from the regular site to the cart. With UltraCart, you don't have to worry. You have a range of options to review for your shopping cart, from basic uploading of your logo or masthead to the cart all the way to making our pages look and function exactly like your pages.

Just because you want the security, time savings and dependability of a hosted shopping cart, doesn't mean you have to change your cart's look and feel from your own website when that buy button is clicked. With UltraCart, you can essentially repeat your own website's graphics, including type fonts, backgrounds, special characters, images and graphics.

Advanced Customization

Support for the latest graphics standards and tools including CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML5 And A variety of useful formats like Music Files (WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, etc.) VideoFiles (AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, etc.) Publications (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc) Images (JPG)


UltraCart's single page and multi-page checkout work perfectly for the average merchant, but some merchants would like to have more flexibility in the way their shopping cart is displayed. Using the JavaScript API Checkout allows you to design the page in any fashion and still use the advanced logic and options of the full UltraCart checkout.

Some examples of functionality that you can utilize with the JS API Checkout are: instant information transfer (capture valuable customer information even if they abandon), your custom design and functionality, checkout can be on any server, error messages rendered on page, custom questions and forms, tailored to your business = higher conversion!

Essential areas to add to your shopping cart review checklist:

  • UltraCart allows you to upload all support files directly to our secure server for (shopping cart) review and inclusion, ensuring all files are accepted by a customer's browser during a secure transaction
  • A fully functional theme management section that allows you to review and apply different shopping cart themes to different types of checkout paths or approaches (i.e. for affiliates or different content types such as digital content)
  • A customizeable and reuseable graphics library which helps you maintain consistency by creating a subset of graphics to use from your information pages, plus the ability to designate "default" layouts to promote similar look and feel among different sections/users
  • Easily use the most common Content Management Systems like, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Simply place UltraCart buylinks in the CMS of your choice and your customers can checkout quickly and easily.
  • For quick branding, Ultracart allows modification of basic or default page layouts simply by uploading custom headers and footers and using the shopping cart elements supplied by UltraCart. These layouts can be saved and reviewed later for further shopping cart customization.

So, when you review shopping carts, consider the UltraCart approach to cart branding, templates and providing a consistent look and feel so your users know they are staying within the "safety" and ease of the world you welcomed them into when they started shopping.