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UltraCart currently integrates with over 170 partners in many different industries that can help your business. Adding more partners can simplify your business, expand your reach, increase your customer interaction and ultimately result in more sales! The amount of integrations needed is up to you. When you have a platform with so many integrations, it gives you the peace of mind that your ecommerce platform can handle all the business you can throw at it. So go ahead, grow your business!


UltraCart integrates with one of the largest sets of partners in the industry. This integration allows you to work with the services providers that can meet your needs the best. Below are the list different partners that we work with.

UltraCart Shopping Cart Integrations

Facebook Integration

UltraCart Facebook StoreFront

Whether you're a fan of the movie Social Network or not, you can't argue with the success of facebook.com Founder Mark Zuckerberg. His Harvard progeny is now powering over 800 million active users. Although there has not been a facebook App that can sell within facebook as of this writing, we can give you a better option anyway... Setup your Fan Page with your UltraCart Shopping Cart's own facebook Store.

UltraCart Amazon Integration

UltraCart has direct integration with Amazon Seller Central. Your orders will automatically download into UltraCart and flow over to your fulfillment house or shipping department. Once the orders are complete UltraCart will automatically notify Amazon Seller Central of the order. UltraCart will also provide Amazon hourly updates of inventory changes. For most merchants selling on Amazon.com is a must. Amazon.com can represent 10% to 50% of an averages merchant's monthly revenue. By making Amazon Seller Central integration easy, UltraCart merchants do not have to think about the source of an order when processing it.

UltraCart Amazon Integration

UltraCart Amazon Integration

Configurable shipping methods including built-in USPS, Fedex, Airborne Express, and Canada Post. Charge users based upon cost, weight, real-time estimate, or by the item. Configurable handling charges for international countries.

UltraCart Shipping Partners and Integrations
  • Support for Freightquote.com
  • Geo-location technology to determine where your customer is located for incredibly accurate shipping estimates
  • Integrated support for APO / FPO addresses
  • Automatic shipping estimation directly on cart view screen
  • Automatically calculate insurance costs on shipments
  • Standardize addresses (USPS shipments only)
  • Verify city, state, and postal code combination for US customers (including APO/FPO addresses)
  • Export/Import to/from UPS OnLine Worldship, FedEx ShipManager, and Endicia Dazzle software
  • estrict shipping methods to specific regions or address types
  • Specify which shipping methods are valid for free shipping offers on specific items
  • Sophisticated packing calculation to handle multi-box shipments
  • Provide free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount automatically.
  • Support for most third party fulfillment houses: View All of Our Integrated Fulfillment Partners