ULTRACART Ecommerce Features

Marketing With UltraCart

Shopping Cart Marketing

Email Marketing

  • Powerful custom E-Mail Marketing engine allows you to create marketing campaigns targeted to unique customer segments
  • Easy to use wizard allows for quick creation of rich HTML marketing e-mail messages
  • Custom coupon codes allow you to give each customer a unique, single use coupon, thereby preventing coupon abuse & fraud
  • Advanced reporting, including e-mails viewed, links clicked, purchases made, and user opt-out requests
  • Automatic reply, bounce-back, and opt-out management

Advanced Marketing

  • Create coupon codes for a variety of discounts, including % off, free shipping, and more
  • Related items allow you to suggestive sell merchandise on your shopping cart view screen
  • Dynamic pricing allows you to change your item pricing and automatically update price images on your website
  • Advertising source tracking helps you determine which marketing efforts are working best
  • Extract customer information based on previous purchase criteria
  • Automatic item submission to Google's online store search engine Froogle

Revenue Enhancement

UltraCart Shopping Cart Revenue Enhancement

Converting a visitor to a customer is the most important, and most expensive, part of your online e-commerce efforts. Once they become customers, you can utilize UltraCart's revenue enahancement features to create new and innovative revenue streams with no additional cost.