ULTRACART Ecommerce Features

Complete, Flexible & Total Control

UltraCart Shopping Cart Management Boxes

Versatile Product Organization

One of the chief complaints we hear about software for eCommerce is how inflexible it is. Although customers say it differently, something about "being trapped" or "not being able to grow." That won't happen with UltraCart. We really mean it when we say we can go from a few items to thousands on the same software platform, without changing how you control everything.

UltraCart's software for ecommerce grows with you by supporting multiple ways to manage classes and subclasses of products including organization, assignment of discounts by various attributes, related items and items for upselling.

Configurable Item Options

Choice characterizes today's consumer experience and being able to bring them many options is an important part of selecting the right online shopping cart solution. With UltraCart, this capability is taken to the max with our ability to set myriads of options that the consumer can select from. This is a great vehicle for increasing customer loyalty, upselling and just plain making sure the sale is completed.

Variable Billing Support

Consumers are demanding an ever increasing amount of personalization and customization of the products they buy. But often, eCommerce shopping carts aren't able to support checkout variations like adding logos, inscriptions, names - even your favorite sports team. However, these items not only can make help you make the sale over a competitor, but can also be a rich source of extra per order margin.

Never before has one size fits all been so far away from consumer's minds, so UltraCart has developed a special eCommerce Shopping Cart editor for variable pricing based on product and item dimensions that the customer can customize themselves.

Different Pricing Tiers

While most consumer shopping cart site sales are smaller orders, there are potentials that arise for larger orders to groups like other retailers, organizations, wholesalers, distributors - even the government. UltraCart's tiered pricing feature allows you near complete flexibility over who, what, when and where you decide to provide incentives to groups who can drive sales volume.

Tiered sales options allow you to "cut a deal" to certain large volume buyers, but in ways that often let you reward them without drastically degrading margins from your regular shopping cart site sales.

UltraCart Volume Shopping Cart Discounts

Volume Discounts

Discounts, promotions and coupons are often the best way to attract new customers, reactivate old customers and to increase completed sales during the checkout process. The best shopping cart in the world is one that allows you the most control over these since too much discounting hurts margins. UltraCart offers an unbelievable number of ways to apply discounts to ensure the correct method to support, not degrade, your business.

Taxable & Non-Taxable Goods & Services

Trying to comply with state, federal and local tax requirements isn't easy now, and with future regulations governing web site shopping, keeping your cart current may get even harder. But don't fret. UltraCart has tamed this regulatory monster for you with our in-depth taxable item management feature. It cuts to the heart of what is needed to keep you legal and your books straight without having to burn the midnight oil.

Web site shopping carts don't have to make you do all the work when it comes to figuring out taxes. UltraCart can create an ulimited level of tax computations to make the task easier.

Batch Import & Update

Updating of web shopping carts can make even the most experienced web merchant shudder, but really it isn't that hard as long as a balance between flexibility and ease of use can be found. UltraCart has worked hard on both ends to provide enough data import options to fit all volume level and product database sizes.

UltraCart Shopping Cart Inventory Control

Out of Stock Inventory Control

Think about all you do to capture a customer and make a sale, and then to have to send a back order notice when a customer buys an item that is out of stock! Well that's not a way to create a lot of repeat business. So, what's the best practice on how a shopping cart for a website prevents out of inventory situations? Many of them can take a lesson from UltraCart, which has detailed settings on ways to both predict and manage inventory, so you can balance carrying costs with keeping enough products on hand.

UltraCart Shopping Cart Inventory Control

Flexible Shipping Methods

When you look for a shopping cart hosting package, think about the times when you need to move from making site-wide changes, to trouble shooting a specific item. That's where UltraCart can really help. Case in point: Item-level shipping control. You'll use it more than you might think. For instance, what happens when your favored shipper can't take a certain box size, or won't deliver to a certain address or post office box? Here's where you just have to break the rules, step in and change shipping instructions. And there are more instances where item-by-item intervention can help.

StoreFronts System & Catalog

Sure, there are dozens if not hundreds of content management platforms available, but in most cases, they are designed to host a broad array of content, without any focus on the unique needs of online e-business.

The UltraCart Content Management System is different. Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of online retailers, the platform provides features and innovations unique among content management platforms.

  • Ability to host a catalog as if it were part of the merchants domain instead of the ultracart domain.
  • Render entire sites with tens of thousands of pages with just a few templates.
  • Appears completely static to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • Friendly URLs that do not contain parameters or query strings.
  • Flexible template design using easy to learn scripting language. Merchants are not forced to modify canned templates
  • Support for advanced user interface elements like bread crumb trails, etc.
  • Automated image thumbnail creation
  • Dynamic related item information on product pages