October 16, 2013
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Blog: How to - Redesign

As we stated last week you have many choices with a redesign and it may not include a new look and feel to your website. It may just consist of optimizing your website to be more intuitive for your customers. So with that in mind lets take a look at what ways Forrester statistics show you can keep costs down and generate positive ROI.
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UltraCart Newsletter

Review Orders

As part of our site redesign, we've added some new features to the merchant site. Here's a tour of the Order Review features in case you're unfamiliar with them. View Docs...

UltraCart Newsletter

Sale price with Start and End dates

It would be very helpful to have SALE PRICE field along with optional START and END date fields for items. View Post...

UltraCart Newsletter Archive

UltraCart October 14
If you sell Halloween products you're coming up on the tail end of your buying season while everyone else is right in the midst of the influx of sales for the holidays. Time to brush up on your offers so customers are ready to choose you be...http://docs.ultracart.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=918120#Settings%28AffiliateManagement%29-AutomaticEnrollment

UltraCart October 09
If you are not using a Distribution Center (aka fulfillment house) take a look at UltraShip. Your shipping department will thank you for it!

UltraCart October 07
I've had a number of online chat experiences when trying to work through an issue or find information from an online company over the years, however I wouldn't say that any of them were pleasant. There were a few that worked, but most often it was either me who lost interest because information flow wasn't fast enough, or they didn't have the answer.

Is anyone using customer support chat with good customer feedback?

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