April 28, 2014
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New UI: Item Management

Change is hard and change is inevitable and instead of handing out copies of "Who moved my cheese" to try to convince you that what we're doing is going to help everyone, I'll simply add a post to wikipedia's synopsis of the book for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Who_Moved_My_Cheese%3F.

The fact is... the old backend should have died years ago, but we were deeply engaged in adding new features and tools to help you conquer your competitors, so we kept putting it off. Now we have some spare time while our competitors look to equal our feature set, so we are launching BUC, the new and improved!

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UltraCart Newsletter

Coders Corner: Attributes for Meta Tags

This tutorial shows how to use Velocity code on your catalog header to dynamically display your meta tags. This velocity code example is intended to be used on the Catalog:
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UltraCart Newsletter

Success Story: Hobbyzone

UltraShip: "An enhancement that UltraCart brought to our operations processes was early on when we implemented UltraShip...which has enabled us to stay on the leading edge both in basic operations processes and in market-competitive functionality."

UltraCart Newsletter

Hold receipt until payment processes

So, we just encountered an issue where a customer placed an order, but made too many unsuccessful attempts at finalizing the order, so the order was moved into Accounts Receivable. The customer then called to follow-up on his order, thinking that it had gone through and been processed...
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UltraCart Newsletter Archive

UltraCart April 24
If you are a new UltraCart merchant plan on spending most of your time in Configuration and Item Management. After your system is live, plan on spending the majority of your time in Order Management and a bit less in Reporting.


UltraCart April 23
If shipping your own products in-house is causing you or your team fits, consider outsourcing to one of our great fulfillment partners.

You can also add UltraShip to your account and streamline a lot of the daily processes. Your time can be focused on growing your business, not just running it.


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