April 21, 2014
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How to turn the new GUI off

Hopefully you took the time to read last week's article on BUC (our new Backend User Console) so we can look deeper into what is being launched as I'm writing this blog. Last week we talked about how to "skip" the tour and also how to turn it back on when you want, if you didn't catch it you can take a minute now to go back and read it (last week's blog). Now we'll address how you switch between the old interface and the new improved BUC...

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Docs: Paypal

According to PayPal, the signup process only takes a few minutes. As part of the enrollment process, merchants must attach a bank account to their PayPal account that will receive the payments.
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Success Story: Salt + PayPal

The food Marketer at Salt Revolution wanted to give its customers another payment option. So it added PayPal to UltraCart. "From the moment we turned on PayPal as a payment option, 30% of our customers chose to pay that way," says Cawrse. "If we didn't have PayPal, I'm certain we wouldn't be making as many sales."
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UltraCart Newsletter

Where do I find the recent sales report?

I was helped by Hunter to create the excel report in the order I need it but I cant find it. Can any one tell me which catergory and which link takes me to the recent sales?
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UltraCart Newsletter Archive

UltraCart April 16
Getting some great feedback on BUC (the new Backend User Console) we are collating and making changes now.

UltraCart April 15
The beauty of the buylink in UltraCart is that you can use it anywhere online; websites, pinterest, facebook, emails, etc and when the customer clicks it they are immediately taken to a secure checkout page to complete their purchase.

Bit of advice... use them everywhere!


UltraCart April 14
Heartbleed information - UltraCart was not vulnerable to the heartbleed security bug as we are not running the affected versions of OpenSSL.

Please see the following forum post for more information from our tech guys on how to protect yourself and others:


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