February 08, 2013
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Successful Site Redesign - Part 2: Divide & Conquer

Now that we have the big picture nailed down (from Part 1), let’s narrow our focus a bit. We’ll start by looking at the information architecture, then move into the general design framework.

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Partner Interview:

Sea Monster Studios - Wes Buckwalter: the dollar values have increased substantially…..websites that used to make a few thousand were great stores then, now the demand is for the top performing stores to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and the top guys are making millions per month.View Full Interview...

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Valentines Coupon

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UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: Screen Branding Themes - Screens Tab

The screens tab will list all the brand-able screens. For your convenience, brand-able pages (screens) are grouped logically based upon the portion of the system they are in. Read Doc...

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