Some resources in UltraCart are capable of having so many objects that it's not feasible to return them on a single API call. To accommodate these objects in an efficient manner, paging of the result set is used. The response from an API that uses paging will have the following information

If a response indicates that additional records are available in the more field, then a subsequent request should be made with the _offset parameter set to next_offset.

Most API calls will utilize a default result set limit of 100. While this can be increased to reduce round trips, we recommend keeping the limit at the default. UltraCart reserves the right to return a 400 - Bad Request response if the size that you request is larger than we want the system to handle a single chunk. An upper limit on an API can be further reduced at any point in time if it is over 100 at the discretion of our system administrators in order to maintain optimal system performance.